What's in the house..!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

As a mum to 2 daughters, I am nervous on this....

Her father sent her to a bank to pay some utilities bills and she never returned. Later she called from Lombok, Indonesia because she had followed her 20-year-old boyfriend. She is 16.
That's the news. I have 3 growing children and two of them are girls. As a sole bread-winner, I have to work. I sent them to and fro school. Whatever the time of school activities finished, I will be their driver to chauffeur-drive them back home or take them to the office for me to finish my work. Sometime, I will be late or sometime I will be early to school where I used to pick them up. Very hard for me tho to be on time, if I have to attend my clients.

What can I do... is just a little prayer from deep of my heart, as a mum, "O ALLAH! please help me to protect us.. please protect my children from any misbehave or wrongdoings by others. Amin. "

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