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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dr. Lo' Lo'... My Idol, passed away peacefully at age of 54.

2 Ogos 1957 - 17 Julai 2011

I adore her..... among the famous Muslimah , MP of Titiwangsa. 

This was last seen on her FB posting:
YES: RT @FadiahNadwa: "I will not be your brother if in the name of brotherhood,I am to support injustice,I belong to d principle"-Tariq Ramadan
June 27 at 5:07pm ·

And this one..

Mati hidup d tgn Allah.silap2 hb malaikat maut dah tggu anda ber2: RT @AdamZiqri: Hahaha. RT @KedahSenang: Woooi @docmarjan masuk hospital. Nak mati dh kot..cancer tahap nyayuk. Elok mati cepat kurang dosaJune 22 at 11:52am ·

May her soul rest in peace.... Alfatihah..

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