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Friday, September 21, 2007

In rememberence - Nurin Jazlin Jasimin (11/9/1999 - 16/9/2007)

Al Fatehah ...

She was missing from a night market near to home in Wangsa Maju on 20/8/2007 (the place where I used to buy my weekly groceries). The search for her had been high ang low.

Nearly 1 month later, a body in a gym bag was found. The parents already identified the body not belong to the girl. However, the DNA test was proven the other side of story. She is Nurin. Brutally sexually abused and murdered. (What about if and only if her parents are right about her...???)

My eyes could not hold the tears any longer.

Kau TERLALU ISTIMEWA Nurin... May you rest in peace and not hurt anymore. May our Wangsa Maju and Malaysia would be a better place to live in.


For the story from her family side : Nurin's blog

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