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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Ops! I lost track....

Ever since I change to RON95 (read as: After the last posted issue on this, I was so fed-up....), I never care about the increase of RON97 price. Who cares...??? The Government???? They are just busy with the political issue with the "sumpah laknat" ... they just care to topple down DSAI...!! Gosh!! DIDN'T THIS GOVERNMENT PARLIMENT MEMBERS a.k.a MINISTERS have more important thing to do???!!!

I am not good in doing trading. My business is only on my effort to teach.. Some say you can't be rich by being a lecturer.... but I am happy, and I got paid from Allah SWT in all other ways. In other words, I have to bear the minimum wages to bring up my children in most moderate ways... Being a sole breadwinner, it is hard. BUT as long as I believe that Allah will help me as HE always does, I am not scared.

The RON97 today is priced at RM2.90, RM1.00 expensive than RON95. WELCOME INFLATION!

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