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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

On the news today....

LADIES....  when you are going to drive especially alone, it is advisable to put your handbag in the boot. Your purse and handphone can be kept in the dashboard. -->"GOOD SAMARITANS TURN OUT TO BE ROBBERS"

Parents whom still feeding babies and infants with bottles, please read this --> Ban on BPA milk bottles 

More bumiputras later in Malaysia...??? --> Chitty soon?

Our DPM said SMS about the radiation is hoax... Just beware, OK..... afterall, it is not good to be in the rain. You'll get cold.

My national heroes are off to Japan. May Allah helps you  and people of Japan in anyway. May the rest of us learnt from these. Not to be boast on your intelligence... Allah is GREAT.

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