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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I am having.....

Currently, I am marking my students examination paper... I lost my appetite. I lost my mood easily... I lost weight 3kg. I have another set of subject I have not opened... Very scared though I have given so many exercises in class... This is what my first conclusions for the last 2 semesters of my new career as a lecturer in public university.

Conclusion Round 1:

  1. Some students did not trust the teacher. I told them what to study, what to revise for the exam. For those who really trust me - scored more than 80%.
  2. Careless mistakes. - I really mad with this. Example 0.05 ---> later in the next line it became 0.005.
  3. Did not read /glance the questions before answering. So, in the end, I heard complaints that they knew the final questions which carries the heaviest weight-age is among the easiest. But due to short of time, they panic, and could not think.
  4. Did not do their homework . I could not help on this. Sorry guys.
  5. Did not think. How could number of people should have decimal places? Can you say, there are 98.2 people attending my class?
  6. Panic. Why should you....? Because you studied last minute. And you get confused which formula to use..... Even the formula was there in front of your eyes, you just could not think, because you panic!
  7. Letters. I'm not buying appeal notes in the exam answering sheets and mostly lecturers are the same.
The exam is just not a place to test you on the knowledge BUT to test you on the time management, throughout the semester. Time management in the examination hall. It is to test your ability to control yourself.

So, to my dear students and other people whom are now studying, PLAN ahead of your time. Make use your time in the classroom and time that you have before the time you DON'T have.


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